To Your Health

Posted by Steve Kipfer on

A growing body of scientific research verifies the positive influence of cranberries in a healthy diet. For many years studies have shown that diets high in fruits and vegetables reduced the risk of disease. The disease preventing effects of certain foods were early on attributed to the vitamins, minerals, enzymes, fiber, and later the antioxidants they were found to contain.

Very recently studies have discovered that fruits and vegetables are the source of yet another group of very important health promoting substances called phytochemicals. In the plants we eat phytochemicals are naturally responsible for the bold color, distinctive flavor, and noticeable odor that are characteristic of living foods. Generally foods that exhibit more of the natural color, flavor, and odor present in the growing plant result in greater health benefits to us when we eat them. Researchers have found that these biologically active substances called phytochemicals play an important role in a plant's genetically complex system for resisting disease.

Studies are helping us understand how these same substances act in conjunction with the human body's natural defenses to attack disease causing molecules which invade human body cells. It appears these important substances known as phytochemicals activate enzymes to whisk away harmful molecules before they have the opportunity to alter the way healthy cells function.

Specific substances in cranberries have been identified which have shown to make it difficult for bacteria and harmful chemicals to adhere and damage larger body systems. Numerous sources in libraries and on the web provide specific recommendations for including cranberries in beneficial ways that heal and encourage wellness.

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